Tuesday, May 28, 2013

First Post - Welcome - What's coming...

Welcome to Brent's Movie/TV Blog!

What will be blogged about here? Numerous things, mostly within the movie/television sphere.  I like all kinds of movies/films/documentaries etc.  From time to time I'll post here my thoughts on a movie or TV show. Maybe they will have a rating, maybe not.  From time to time I'll share links to interesting movie/TV news for you to peruse.  Sometimes the things I'll be discussing will be current, maybe I'll revisit something older that I enjoyed or didn't enjoy.  I'm not intending this site to be overly long or wordy, maybe sometimes you will get only a few paragraphs or two on a topic. Maybe only a link. Maybe a few paragraphs. I don't know. There's no format, no mantra, just thoughts, maybe some pictures.


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